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About the Program

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Gowrie SA is the Inclusion Agency for South Australia commencing 1 July 2016 until 30 June 2019.


The Inclusion Support Programme is funded by the Australian government to build the capacity of eligible early childhood and child care services to include children with special rights within mainstream services. The new Programme brings together inclusion for children with diverse needs and backgrounds. We will all be learning new systems, and working with new staff as we work with the Department in rolling out an exciting and worthwhile Programme.

If you would like to know more about the Inclusion Support Programme, go to:

View our brochure


A quick guide to our processes (click to enlarge):




For services requiring support:

First step:

  • You will need to complete a Request for Service form for any children attending your service requiring inclusion support
  • Return the completed form to, and it will be processed by our Intake Officer
  • An Inclusion Profesional will then make contact with you to discuss your inclusion support needs.

Please note: Request For Service form must be completed by the eligible early childhood education and care service or organisation.


Second step:


Third step:

In order for your service user to be provisioned you will need to check the following: ​

  • Ensure that contact, authorised personnel and email details are correct with state CCB team - form attached (contact details at the end)
  • Ensure that contact, authorised personnel and email details are correct with CCMS - form attached
  • Ensure details are updated with your software provider (i.e. Spike, Qikkids).


Fourth step:

​Contact Gowrie SA Inclusion Team and provide us with your:

  • Service name
  • CCB approval I.D.
  • user name;
  • and user email address

Gowrie SA will provision the first authorised user from your organisation or service to access the Inclusion Support Portal.


Frequently Asked Questions Document 


Inclusion Agency Updates:

Gowrie SA have employed 20 Inclusion Professionals, three based regionally in the mid North, Millicent and Port Augusta, and three Team Leaders and a Program Leader.  We also have employed an Inclusion Professional - Consultant who provides support and guidance to our regional Inclusion Professionals as well as building our knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander BBF services and protocols.

Our Inclusion Professionals are providing support, advice and strategies to include each and every child within eligible ECCC services and build the capacity of educators to provide inclusive practice where all children have equitable opportunities to participate with their peers.

We have had over 1000 new Requests for Service from services, covering a vast area of South Australia;


Barossa Valley


Riverland / Clare 

Yorke Peninsula / Mid North 

Kangaroo Island 

Fleurieu Peninsula

South East 

Eyre & Western 

Far North & APY Lands 

Metro North 

Metro Central

Metro South

Family Day Care


Long Day Care



What does Inclusion look like for your service?

  • What are some of the strengths that the children and families you work with bring?
  • How do you acknowledge and build on these strengths?
  • What are some of the challenges that children and families face that affect children’s learning?
  • How do you acknowledge and respond to these challenges?
  • How does your philosophy show a commitment to equity and respect for diversity and difference?
  • How do you acknowledge and support children’s and families’ rights?


Does your service support?

  • Equal participation 
  • Acknowledgment and respect for individuals
  • Adaptations to the environment to promote equal access
  • Shared goals
  • Sense of belonging and connection within the community 


See alsoHow to become Inclusion Ready


If you need additional support with the inclusion of children in the environment, please email or phone our Inclusion Agency admin team:

Gowrie SA

39a-43 Dew Street Thebarton SA 5031


Ph: 1800 129 606